Testimonials continued

"I really didn't know what to expect (taking voice lessons), and I learned a lot more than I thought I could in one year.... What I liked the most was finding a way to make something work out or feeling so good singing a piece....She has good ways of explaining things and she is very easy to sing to and to work with."

Emily McKay, Okemos

"I liked being able to discuss music and pieces. I liked being able to collaborate on piece selection."

Logan Emlet, Okemos

"Laura is very knowledgeable and organized in her presentation. She offers many helpful suggestions for proper vocal technique"

Kate Marsh, Lansing  

"Taking this workshop only made me want more. Laura is a fine teacher."

Scottie Putman, Okemos

 "I enjoyed working on my songs during lessons most....Some of Mrs Stebbins' strengths are enthusiasm, knowledge and flexibility."

Claire Martell, Haslett

"Having known Ms. Laura Stebbins for many years, I have had numerous occasions to interact with her as a fellow performer, as an observer of her pedagogical approach when working with young voice students, and as an observer/participant in one of the many workshops she has given on the use of the McClosky technique of vocal training and rehabilitation. Ms. Stebbins is one of those rare vocal teachers who successfully combines the ability to identify the specific, technical problem underlying the difficulty a singer may be experiencing, with the appropriate teaching “tools” to help mediate the problem. Perhaps the best evidence supporting her approach to phonation, breathing, and relaxation is the beauty, clarity and ease with which she sings – whether in musical theater productions or in operatic arias!

Dr. Taylor J. Johnston,
Professor Michigan State University